C.itp Ezekiel Rock Adeiza

Director I.T.R.C

BSc, Computer Science
MSc, Computer Science




Directorate of Information Technology Resource Centre (DITRC)

Directorate of Information Technology Resource Centre (DITRC) coordinates all Information and Communication Technology (ICT) related activities on campus. It evolved from the ICT Unit to capture the wider landscape of Information and Communication Technology that Computer Technology had evolved into. ITRC is a professional service Centre whose impact cuts across every segment and activity of the Polytechnic community. These services include Administration, Finance, Security, External collaboration, Teaching, Learning and Research


To provide, administer and support ICT solutions and services to enhance administrative processes, learning and delivery of the KSP teaching, research and extension mandate.


  1. Dissemination of good practices in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) innovations to scale up successful computing activities;
  2. Discharge appropriate staff and students’ development through ICT training in order to ensure progress at the institutional level;
  3. Support research and development in learning objects with respect to ICT;
  4. Promoting and relating interactions between ICT vendors and the Institution;
  5. Developing ICT solutions and facilitating the use of open soft solutions that can enhance the delivery of the core mandates of the Polytechnic;
  6. Providing multimedia coverage for learning, teaching, research and other general uses;
  7. Delivering enhanced career-oriented training with a strong international flavour and contents through partnering with internationally recognized professional ICT organizations to acquire certification training for staff, students and the public;
  8. Offering ICT training facilities beyond the Campus that will extend the catchment area and relevance of the Polytechnic mandate to school drop-outs at every level so that they can be brought into training schemes for meaningful employment and discouraged from all sorts of crimes, particularly cyber-crimes.


Organizational Structure

The ITRC is headed by a Director who is responsible to the Rector for the day-to-day administration of the Centre. The Centre has been structured to improve coordination of the several campus-wide services it renders, enhance service delivery and improve performance by grouping the 4 operational Units into four divisions. Each division is supervised by a Unit Head who oversees the operations of the units in its division and reports to the Director.

The Divisions and Units are as follows;

  1. Software Division
    • Project Development Unit:
    • Web Development and Administration Unit
  2. Management Information System
  3. Network Administration and Internet Services Unit
  4. Hardware maintenance and Repair Unit


The unit is responsible for the installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and repairs of IT equipment (computers, servers, printers …) in offices and computer laboratories to ensure the continued sustenance of the equipment.